Target in Chicago – Hours and Locations Near Me

Get ready to traverse the urban retail landscape of the Windy City with our guide to Target in Chicago – Hours and Locations near Me. Uncover the secrets of seamless shopping, local connections, and exciting future ventures that await within Chicago’s Target stores. Join us on this captivating journey through convenience, community, and commerce.

Target in Chicago, IL, the target is: Here is a list of all the Target shops in Chicago near where you are. In Chicago, Target shops are very well-known. Here, you’ll find all the information you need, like the store’s address, phone number, Target’s hours of operation (when it opens and when it closes), and other important information that will make it easy for you to find the closest Target stores in Chicago. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to see our Google map. It will show me all the Target shops close to me. So just go there to find out where Target is in Chicago.

Please use the Google map below to find the store closest to you.

We hope that with the help of the above tools, you can now find Target in Chicago with ease. Please go to often to find more store sites, addresses, and hours.

Exploring Target in Chicago Stores

Dive into the vibrant retail universe of Chicago as we embark on a journey through Target’s local establishments. From bustling city centers to cozy neighborhoods, each Target store offers a unique shopping experience that caters to the diverse tastes of Windy City residents.

Comprehensive List of Target Locations and Hours in Chicago

Navigate Chicago’s urban maze with ease using our comprehensive guide to Target locations and operating hours. Unearth the gems of convenience as we unveil the diverse array of stores scattered across this iconic city.

Navigating the Urban Retail Landscape: Target in Chicago

Discover how Target seamlessly integrates into Chicago’s urban tapestry, enhancing the shopping experience for both locals and visitors alike. With strategic placements and innovative design, Target’s presence becomes an integral part of the city’s retail landscape.

Here are some of Chicago, Illinois’s most popular Target stores.

Store NameAddressPhone NumberTarget Hours of OperationWebsite
Target1 S State St1 312-279-2133Mon – Sun : 7AM – 11PMLink
Target1154 S Clark St1 312-212-6300Mon – Sun : 8AM – 11PMLink
Target1101 W Jackson Blvd1 312-279-3340Mon – Sun : 8AM – 11AMLink

Convenience at Your Fingertips: Target in Chicago – Locations and Hours near Me

In a fast-paced metropolis like Chicago, convenience reigns supreme. Uncover the power of precise information at your fingertips as we explore how knowing Target’s locations and hours near you can elevate your retail adventures.

24-Hour Target Stores in Chicago: Serving Night Owls and Early Birds

Embrace the nocturnal allure of Chicago with its 24-hour Target stores, catering to insomniac shoppers and early risers alike. Join us as we unveil a retail realm that never sleeps, offering you the freedom to shop whenever the mood strikes.

Connecting with the Community: Target’s Local Partnerships in Chicago

Witness the magic that happens when a retail giant becomes a community cornerstone. Delve into Target’s partnerships with local businesses and organizations, fueling the spirit of collaboration and enhancing Chicago’s sense of togetherness.

Unveiling the Digital Realm: Target’s Online Presence in Chicago

Venture into the digital landscape as we explore Target’s online realm in Chicago. From virtual aisles to seamless digital transactions, discover how technology amplifies your shopping journey beyond the brick-and-mortar walls.

Real Voices: Chicago Shoppers Share Their Target Experiences

Embark on a storytelling voyage as we bring you firsthand accounts from Chicago shoppers who’ve traversed the aisles of Target. Get an insider’s perspective on the delights, surprises, and treasures that await within the city’s Target stores.

Upcoming Ventures: Target’s Future Plans in Chicago

Gaze into the crystal ball and glimpse the exciting future that Target has in store for Chicago. Unearth upcoming expansions, renovations, and innovations that promise to elevate your shopping escapades to new heights.


Are there any 24-hour Target stores in Chicago?

Absolutely! Chicago hosts a selection of 24-hour Target in Chicago stores, providing round-the-clock retail therapy for night owls and early birds.

How can I access Target’s online offerings in Chicago?

Exploring Target in Chicago’s digital realm is a breeze. Simply visit their website or app from your device, and a world of virtual shopping and convenience unfolds.

Do Target stores in Chicago collaborate with local businesses?

Indeed, thrives on local collaborations in Target in Chicago. By partnering with community establishments, they foster a sense of unity and support within the city.

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