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Goal in Dallas, Texas: Here is a list of all the Target shops in Dallas that are close to you. In Dallas, Target shops are very well-known. We are giving here all the necessary details such as store address, phone number, Target hours of operation, opening and close time, and other important details which will help you in finding the nearest Target in Dallas very easily. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to see our Google map. It will show me all the Target shops close to me. So go there to find out where Target is in Dallas.

Where can I find nearby Target stores in Dallas?

To find nearby Target stores in Dallas, you can conveniently use the official Target Store Locator on their website. Simply enter your location or zip code, and it will display all the Target locations near you.

Target in Dallas

Please use the Google map below to find the store closest to you.

We hope that with the help of the above tools, you can now find Target in Dallas with ease. Please go to often to find more store sites, addresses, and hours.

Target In Dallas: A Big Store

Target in Dallas has a long history that goes back to 1962. It has grown into a well-known retail brand that attracts customers with its wide range of goods and focus on the customer. Target stands out from other stores because its prices are low and its products are good. As a result, it has a loyal customer base in Dallas and beyond.

The fact that Target in Dallas

There are many Target stores in the city of Dallas. They are spread out so they can serve many different areas and communities. Whether you live in a busy city center or a quiet suburb, you’re probably not far from a Target shop.

Using Target store finder

With the official Target Store Locator, it’s never been easier to find the store closest to you. You can use this tool to find shops near you based on where you are or your zip code. For a modern touch, Target’s online maps and mobile app make it easy to find your way to your favorite store.

Please see below some of the most popular Target Stores in Dallas, Texas.

Store NameAddressPhone NumberTarget Hours of OperationWebsite
TargetCityplace Market
2417 N Haskell Ave
1 214-826-0331Mon – Sun : 8AM – 12AMLink
TargetMedallion Center
6464 Northwest Hwy #212
1 214-361-2026Mon – Sun : 8AM – 12AMLink
TargetWheatland Towne Crossing
39739 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy
1 469-341-3920Mon – Sun : 8AM – 12AMLink

When the store is open

Target keeps the same hours every day, so shoppers can plan their trips with ease. Target is open during the week and on the weekends, so you can look at all of their goods. When you know the regular store hours, you can go shopping when it’s convenient for you.

Holiday hours are different

Target’s store hours are longer during holidays and other special times of the year when more people want to shop. During these times, there are often special events and sales that make shopping even more fun.

Special Holiday Hours at Target

During festive seasons and holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve, many retailers adjust their operating hours. This holds true for Target as well! To ensure stress-free holiday shopping experiences without any surprises or disappointments due to limited hours of operation, we’ll highlight any special holiday schedules implemented by target stores in Dallas.

How to have the best time shopping

Make a list of what you want to buy before you go to Target. This will help you get the most out of your trip. This helps you stay focused and organized, which keeps you from buying things on a whim. Signing up for Target’s loyalty programs, like Target Circle, gives you access to special deals and rewards that are just for you.

Options for shopping online at Target

With Target’s online shopping tool, it’s easy to shop from home in this digital age. You can look at their wide range of products, add things to your cart, and choose from different delivery choices, including curbside pickup for the most convenience.

Target in-store experiences

Target is a store that has a lot more to offer than just a wide range of goods. Take a break at the Starbucks café, eat at one of the restaurants, and look around at the family-friendly features made to keep young shoppers interested.

Target’s Initiatives for the Environment

Target does more than just sell items that are good for the environment. By using eco-friendly practices and making eco-friendly products, the brand wants to help the earth and the people it serves.

How to Get Around Target Stores

When you walk into a Target store, you’ll find yourself in a world of different departments, each with its own set of goods. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to tech, clothes, home decor, and toys.

Review and feedback from customers

Customer opinion is very important to Target because it helps the company improve its products and services. Check out online platforms to read reviews and comments from other shoppers. This will help you learn more and make better choices.

The Future of Target in Dallas

The future of Target in Dallas looks good because it is committed to new ideas and getting involved in the community. Expect more changes and projects that will make shopping in Dallas better for people who live there and people who come to visit.


What are the regular operating hours for Target in Dallas?

Target stores in Dallas typically open at 8:00 AM and close at 10:00 PM on weekdays. On weekends, the operating hours remain the same. However, it’s essential to check for any variations in specific locations.

Does Target offer any special holiday hours Target in Dallas?

Yes, during holidays and festive seasons, Target often extends its operating hours to accommodate increased foot traffic and enthusiastic shoppers. Be sure to check for any holiday-specific hours to plan your shopping accordingly.

Can I shop online and pick up my order at a Target in Dallas?

Absolutely! Target offers a convenient service called “Order Pickup,” where you can shop online and collect your purchases at a nearby Target store in Dallas, saving you time and effort.

Are there any specialized Target in Dallas?

Yes, Dallas houses various specialized Target stores catering to specific needs. From small-format stores designed for urban areas to large-format stores with an extensive product range, you’ll find a store that suits your preferences.

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